Flying Cars Finally!

I am excited to share this show with you all.

I spend about 15-20 minutes at the start talking about what has been going on lately.

I interview Dave and Trenton about the Movie Flying Cars which Dave wrote and Directed.

Pre-order for the movie can be found below:

Flying Cars Apple TV

Flying Cars Amazon

Flying Cars Google Play


I will post the links for Google Play and Amazon Tuesday for Everyone.




Lets Chat

Matt talks with good friend Joel fellow RC racer and Mike comes back for a visit to talk about work and all kinds of stuff. We chat it up with Rick Seffrood From Gone Bananas Racing Skinz about what he has been up to.

We do address the Covid-19 Situation, that has gotten worse since recording. Stay Safe folks and stay tuned for new shows!



Join me as I talk with the one and only John Schultz from Team Associated and Element RC!


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Element RC

Cow RC

Todd stops in and we talk about his new youtube channel and what he has been up to.

Todd's Youtube

Tyler's Youtube

Thanks for checking the show out! If you enjoyed it please take a minute to share it around! 



Stop Screwing Around!

On today's episode Matt talks about the delay for the show and whats coming up.


We chat with Zac from Donathen RC Racing Products comes on to discuss RC and whats going on over at DRC.


IF you want to order anything use the code mbmpodcast all lower case save 10% off any order over 25 dollars go to the web page below.



Jim joins Matt in the Compound to catch up and talk some RC!

We went all over folks but we needed it! Step into a convo that brought you this podcast! That is really the only way to describe it. We missed Mike that is for sure!

Hope you enjoy!

Return of the Banana

On this episode we catch up with long time Podcast supporter Rick from Gone Bananas Racing Skinz




Update Time

Join me for what has been going on for me as of late and what is in store for the future!





You asked and we delivered! Hope you all enjoy! Share AWAY!


Here is the new thing I will be doing for you wonderful folks that like the show!! 

Don't worry I will still do in studio shows with people from the RC industry. 

code MBM10

10 Dollars off any order over $100

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