It has been forever and a day since the last episode

I catch up wiht Tim Smith and a few of the SoCal Outlaw Top 10 drivers and talk about the recent no prep cash days

Randy Pike comes on the show and we talk RC and the New RS Pro Black Edition.



Scaling and Friends

Matt has Chris on and they chat about RC and Scaling.


Gone Drag Skinz

Matt Talks With the One and only Rick Seffrood


Matt sits down and talks with Erik from Viking Design Works!

Check them out at

Stick around for the end of the show!

Erik picked a song for everyone to enjoy!

I put a few of Chris Cornell's music at the end! RIP! 


Tekin Part Deux

We have Randy Pike on again to talk about RC in general and of course some Tekin hardware.

This one took abit to be posted due to some audio background noise I was trying to solve. This is the best I could manage hope you all enjoy!



The guys have Randy Pike on and discuss the new software and RX8 Gen3.

Also a special annoucement for the guys!

Make sure you stay till the very end a little bonus is there for ya!


This episode feature the one and only Rotor Ron!


The Challenge

Matt and Mike have Rick and Erik on to talk about the last race and some RC stuff too!


It’s About Time!

Matt and Mike have a few friends on the show!


Live From Down Under!

Christopher Mitchell joins the guys and has a chat about what he does in RC.


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